About The Practice

Integrative Chiropractic is a truly holistic healthcare facility that focuses on functional rehabilitation, manual therapy, and patient education to achieve lasting results. At Integrative Chiropractic, each patient will receive quality treatment that is individually designed for their specific needs. Integrative Chiropractic strives to be a unique environment that sets itself apart from all other healthcare providers. For the entire span of their treatments, patients can expect to be guided through a tailor-made therapy plan that utilizes the latest knowledge in neuromusculoskeletal medicine.

While most chiropractic offices utilize the same routine (ultrasound, electric stimulation, adjustment) with every patient regardless of their presentation, Integrative Chiropractic separates itself from the norm by creating a personal relationship with each and every patient. For example, a typical visit with an established patient lasts approximately 45 minutes, where the doctor guides the patient through their treatment the ENTIRE time; there are NO assistants, nurses, or other therapists. Your visit consists of a one-on-one experience with only you and the doctor.

The mission of Integrative Chiropractic is simple: eliminating pain while restoring function using natural, effective methods.

Interactive Chiropractic

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